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I've tried to do an album a year since 2012 when my first album "Thunder In the Night" appeared. It had fewer originals and more covers than my second album "American Story Songs."

My third album shifts gears to an emphasis on humorous, original tunes, and fewer covers.

I feel that I found my "voice" after writing a dozen songs. I hear my paternal grandfather, Charles, twanging away on his guitar singing "The Bear Came Over the Mountain" with a characteristic twinkle in his eye.

My fourth album--"Grey-Haired Bluegrass, Earth, Wind & Fiber"--is  a collection of bluegrass-style covers. 

Album Five: "Cliff's Notes: Love At the Five and Dime," covers the Nanci Griffith title tune, and a version of Streets of Baltimore, plus two humorous originals: Old Biker Blues and Mine Is Bigger Than Yours.

Album Six: “Greatest Hits” contains 15 original songs, three of which deal with the topic of aging. “The Gambler” involves an older gent who finds himself in an old age home, and how he feels about it. “Analog Man” is an observation about technology and how it quickly makes us obsolete. “Across the Canyon” examines the gulf between generations.

Album Seven: “Get This Party Started” features one original--”I Dare You to Forget,” and half the album is devoted to the band Earth, Wind & Fiber, a group McGoon plays gratis gigs with in southern California’s  Coachella Valley.

Album Eight: “Rough Country” features one original--”It Ain’t Worth It Anymore.” The covers range from obscure country/folk tunes like “Aragon Mill” to country favorites like “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” and “The Cowboy Rides Away.” The album also features an original by singer-songwriter and record producer John Alevizakis, “Wait for Me.”


To hear samples of the songs in the albums below, just tap the cover of the album.

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