Cliff McGoon | Californian | Musician | Writer | Biker

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The Gambler

Cliff McGoon | The Gambler

Veteran gambler faces the biggest bet of his life. He comes of age before your eyes. Honest reflection in the face of old age.

Old Biker Blues

Cliff McGoon | Old Biker Blues

We used to hang at all the badass bars talkin' girls and guns and custom cars. . .now we talk about our prostates at Denny's and wonder how long we can ride until we have to pee


Cliff McGoon Wabash Cannonball

Cliff McGoon | Cliff McGoon Wabash Cannonball

Our band: "Earth, Wind & Fiber" takes a funny whack at a bluegrass favorite.

Belvedere Blues movie

Cliff McGoon | Belvedere Blues movie

Lyrics and music written by Cliff McGoon. Vocals by Cliff McGoon; guitars (slide, rhythm and lead) and keys and backup vocals by John Alevizakis, Little Buddah Studios, San Rafael, CA


JJ studio finger

Cliff McGoon | JJ studio finger

Editing in studio humorous song: Just Use Your Finger.