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The Gambler | Cliff McGoon

This reprobate cowboy gambler finds himself in, of all places, an old folks home. He looks around and sees old people--not like him. He's not like them. From playing gigs in old folks' homes, I've found this unholy reflection to be the rule rather than the exception with these residents. People don't feel old. They don't believe that they "think" old. So why are they there? And why are they surrounded by these old folks? It's a realization we'll all face one day--if we're lucky...


I’m An Analog Man In A Digital World
I’m An Analog Man In A Digital World explores a phenomenon facing everyone over age 50 (maybe younger depending on your profession). Nowadays, unless you stay up-to-the-minute with changes in your field, you’re a dinosaur.

I was made aware of this phenomenon once again at a songwriters’ weekend recently in Ojai, California. It was hosted by Allan Roy Scott, a highly successful songwriter whose songs have been recorded by Celine Dion, Smoky Robinson, Diana Ross and many others. Scott tells how back in the day (before Napster) getting a cut on an album that went Gold or Platinum could buy you a new house. Today, if one of his songs gets 250,000 plays on Spotify, he might get a check for $9. Several other mature members of the songwriting community sang variations on the same tune during the weekend discussions. So, times for songwriters have changed, and unfortunately, not for the better.

Driving back to the desert from the Ojai weekend, “Analog Man In A Digital World,” just seemed to dribble out of my brain. JJ Alevizakis at his Little Buddha Studios in San Rafael, CA, turned my rough music into the finished version you hear here.

I’m An Analog Man In A Digital World

Our band, Earth, Wind & Fiber

Playing Around | Cliff McGoon


Our band, Earth, Wind & Fiber, continued to play gratis gigs on what we call the “Assisted Living Tour 2017.” We again performed at facilities in the Rancho Mirage, California area. We like to say that a good time was had by all, and that we received many rousing sitting ovations. Band members are: Jim Weymiller, mando/vocals; Billy Ray Mazza, bass; and (missing from photo) Joan Raymont.


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