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My latest album: "Get This Party Started"
Number 7--marks the culmination of a year’s work. Half the album was done with the group Earth, Wind & Fiber down in the desert this winter. The other half was done with the masterful help of John Alevizakis--JJ--at his Little Buddha Studio in San Rafael. As a session musician, as well as a audio engineer, JJ also mixed and mastered the tracks. He’s a generous and patient man of many talents.

Earth, Wind & Fiber

Earth, Wind & Fiber | Cliff McGoon

Earth, Wind & Fiber consists of six of us working and playing in the desert--doing gigs at assisted living centers in Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs. We come from all over the US to spend winters where it’s warm. Jim Weymiller, from Fairbanks, Alaska, plays mandolin and sings. Joan Raymont, on dobro and vocals, comes to the desert from Louisville, Kentucky. Billy Ray Mazza lives in the desert year ‘round and plays bass guitar. Newest band members are Julianne and Steve McCalmon, retired teachers from Michigan. Julianne plays bass and sings; Steve plays guitar and sings. I play rhythm guitar and sing. 

For seven years I’ve been working with JJ Alevizakis. A producer, engineer and musician, he owns and operates Little Buddha Studio in San Rafael, California. He plays bass, rhythm, and lead guitar, plus keyboards and does vocals. 

Back in the ‘70s, JJ and his then-band were signed to a record contract, and he experienced enough of the rock-star life to realize it wasn’t for him. Since then he has worked with scores of top artists including Donovan, Willie Nelson, Maria Maldaur, Buckwheat Zydeco, Dela Rise, Steve Jenkins (Third Eye Blind), Omar Feruk, Tina Malia, Ross Daly, among many others.  He also has scored several several film projects, and has worked on commercial ventures with Dr. Andrew Weil, Sesame Street, Dole, Puntamayo, Mark Kay, among others.

As a producer, JJ has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards. He has been on Billboard’s top 10 more than once, and has earned gold and platinum record status.

His current band, OJOLO, performs both locally and at venues throughout the US. He describes the genre as “funky world tribal". Recently JJ expanded his studio offerings with the addition of one in Nevada City,California, in the Sierra foothills.