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I've tried to do an album a year since 2012 when "Thunder In the Night" appeared. It had fewer originals and more covers than "American Story Songs," so it went a little quicker. My third album shifts gears to an emphasis on humorous, original tunes, fewer covers.

I feel I've found my "voice" after writing a dozen songs. I hear my paternal grandfather, Charles, twanging away on his guitar singing "The Bear Came Over the Mountain" with a characteristic twinkle in his eye.

My fourth album--"Grey-Haired Bluegrass, Earth, Wind & Fiber"--is  a collection of bluegrass-style covers. 

Album Five: "Cliff's Notes: Love At the Five and Dime," covers the Nanci Griffith title tune, and a version of Streets of Baltimore, plus two humorous originals: Old Biker Blues and Mine Is Bigger Than Yours.

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